New Media Director to grow Benjamin Media’s brands within new business areas

Birgitte Raben enters the management at Benjamin Media as the new Media Director. With her digital profile and agency background, she is to develop the business for Benjamin Media’s well-known media brands.

The hire of Birgitte Raben sends a clear message of an offensive strategy in a market characterised by the digital development. Benjamin Media has hired 37-year-old Birgitte Raben as the new Media Director with a strong profile within strategic management, consumer experience, agile product development and many years of experience from digital agencies.

Birgitte comes from a position as director in the digital business area at the advertising- and communication agency Advice. Since 2010 she has been advising commercial and public customers about digital strategy and development of business, customer experience, communication, and services. Previously she has been Head of Analysis in the media development company Kontrabande and a journalist on Politiken.

At Benjamin Media, Birgitte Raben will have a special focus on developing new business opportunities for the brands, CEO Niels Jespersen explains:

“Our business builds on strong media brands. The existing business is in good hands with our competent Editor in Chiefs. But we believe that we can do much more with our media and competences. Birgitte has the perfect background with experience within media and different agencies, and are therefore able to develop, build and stage our brands in new ways.”

Birgitte Raben will also find synergy between agile developmental processes that are often used by digital agencies and the more operational oriented editorial processes within the media. She describes her focus in the publicistic and commercial development:

“The development of our media brands have to balance the value that print and digital each can contribute with in the overall customer experience and in relation to readers, users, and customers. At the same time we need to be curious about the opportunities that arise based on our brands, industry knowledge and content competences.”

Already well underway as an agency business 

Benjamin Media has already developed the company to be more than a traditional magazine publisher by offering client publishing, concepts and production of content in all formats, and Native Advertising. As Birgitte Raben describes it: 

“The profound knowledge on cars, interior, homes, fashion, design, and lifestyle are a special strength at Benjamin Media. It gives the best conditions for engaging target groups through relevant content and communities of interest. And this is something both publicist and commercial actors need. This expertise is a cornerstone at Benjamin Media, which we are to build upon.”


Contact CEO Niels Jespersen on +45 2072 4072 or e-mail [email protected] for further details or questions.

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