Costume: Digital relaunch creates eyecatching brand experience

Creative content and visual formats are in focus in the new Costume brand universe. The relaunch is to benefit both users and customers. An improved digital experience has been a key driver. and has been relaunched and now marks itself as Denmark’s strongest digital fashion- and beauty universe by lifting the exclusively visual aesthetic and quality from the printed magazine into their digital universe. It happens as part of a larger lift of experience and content across channels in the brand universe of Costume.

“The fashion- and beauty interested consumers are driven by aesthetics and curiosity. They seek knowledge and visual stories. We have developed our brand universe to deliver the best editorial and commercial content to them,” says Danish Editor in Chief Rikke Amtorp Christensen.

To be inspired, to be updated and to learn new things are the most important needs of Costume’s users. This is based on a large study among users in Denmark and Norway, which are the two countries Costume are published in.

“Our readers and users deserve an intriguing universe throughout all of our channels, that both guides them towards the trends and products that are worthwhile investing time and money in, but where style and fashion are set up in a larger context – whether it is about exploring the challenges that many fashion brands are facing, diversity, sustainability or the influence fashion has on other industries,” Rikke Amtorp Christensen says.

She emphasises that it is a goal to create the exclusive experience of pampering and ‘me-time’, which is typically connected to reading a magazine, despite the user’s choice of device. The well known editorial profiles from the magazine will therefore also contribute even more digitally in the future to ensure a clear synergy and coherence: Costume delivers quality content created by experts within fashion, beauty, and culture.

New commercial opportunities
Both users and commercial customers have been at the center of the development of design and content formats to It is important to fascinate and surprise, explains Brand Manager at Costume, Trine Oehlenschlæger:

“We offer a larger variation of digital content formats, which provides new opportunities to unfold commercial campaigns in our universe, which also enriches the user experience as much as possible.”

This applies for the opportunity to create visual experiences with large picture faces and background colours, a highlighted call to action (CTA) at Costume’s curated shopping, article series, longer stories, a more clear sender of our personal recommendations and integrated videos.

“All of these elements can be used when Costume delivers native advertising on the website and the rest of the universe. We can alternate between different formats of storytelling and tailor content to fit our customers branding stories, needs and other marketing activities,” she says.

Even though the consumption of digital media has never been greater, the fashion industry is currently still challenged by the corona situation. As a mediabrand Costume in Denmark has chosen an editorial coverage on digital channels of Danish brands’ way of handling challenges with the aim of making local brands visible and guide users – both on the website and Instagram through interviews, mini concerts and mediation, as well as the concept #støttestafetten.

Contact: Rikke Amtorp Christensen, Editor in Chief, [email protected]

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