Our technical specifications for print

On this page you receive information about our technical specifications for advertising.

1. Download our presets

Please use our color profiles and PDF presets when creating your ad.


Watch the video below to get help on how to install the color profiles and PDF presets


2. Additional information


  • Pdf files must have the correct format (to edge) and 5 mm bleed and crop marks.
  • Half and quarter-page ads must fit the magazine format.
  • Text and logo should be placed at least 9 mm from cropping.


  • Double-page ads/spreads must be supplied as a spread or as two single pages in the same PDF file. When layouting spreads (except for Gör/Gjør Det Selv) up to 5 mm can disappear in the spine/fold (twice as much on the first/last spread). We recommend offsetting any images that cross the spine 2,5 mm to each side (5 mm on the first/last spread). This will cause 5 part of the image to repeat at the spine.


  • All fonts used in the document, logos, eps files, etc. must be included in the finished pdf.

Image and colours

  • All grey-tone and 4-colour images must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Bitmap images must have a resolution of at least 600 dpi.
  • All images can be JPEG compressed in highest quality.
  • AIl images and colours must be defined as CMYK with a max. total colouring of 310%.
  • To ensure that colours are reproduced correctly, our ICC profile must be used.
  • To ensure that colours are reproduced correctly, we must receive a proof print prior to deadline.
      • If the proof print is not received in due time, no liability is accepted for any variations in the reproduction of colours.
      • Benjamin Media accepts no liability for small variations in the reproduction of colours.

3. Upload your ad

Click the button below and you will be redirected to


How to use the ad portal
See how you use the ad portal in the video below


How to read an error report
See how you read an error report.


4. Not using Adobe InDesign/Illustrator?

Our PDF presets are intended for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. If you use other applications please aim for the following PDF settings:

  • Standard: PDF/X-4:2010
  • 300 PPI (for normal color images)
  • Maximum JPEG quality
  • Convert all colors to the correct color profile (when exporting)
  • Bleed: 5 mm
  • Crop Marks

5. Terms for advertising

Ad control

We reserve the right to reject ads that violate any applicable laws or are otherwise undesirable. Ads that we feel can be confused with editorial content must bear the wording ANNONCE.

Errors and correction

Following submission of the finished material, no reduction in price is given in the event of errors if the material does not meet our specifications.

Cancellation of advertisements in our magazines

For organisational reasons, orders for advertisements to be placed in our magazines may be cancelled no later than three weeks before the materials deadline for the magazine in question.

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