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We create great media experiences for great audiences. We live to spark curiosity, fuel passion and drive engagement through stories that matter to you. That’s how we connect.


At Benjamin Media we are experts in media, branding and content marketing. This is not just something we claim! We have created our own media brands which are among Denmark’s largest and best, with many appearing in other countries – Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland.

This is why we help other brands as well. The reach of our media brands naturally benefits other brands, in that they too can reach just as many people; communicate in just as precise a manner; tell things just as passionate; and to be published just as relevant, in our own as well as other media.

A hybrid agency

Benjamin Media is a modern media company. We have combined everything we represent with everything we offer as a company: the result is what we call a hybrid agency that encompasses media production and agency services.

The one can certainly complement the other. At the centre of it all is the value of a good story, which drives engagement and sparks curiosity  – both in publicistic and commercial terms. We incorporate target groups in everything we do; we perceive and know consistent tendencies and criteria of relevance. Narratives are second nature to us: search words, too, are in our line of vision. We are accustomed to thinking as the reader, the user, the consumer. At all times and in every context.

Unique advice 

Benjamin Media is also equipped to be your marketing partner. Of course we have certain ready-made solutions; but we excel at tailoring a solution to your needs.  Such an approach will be the means of displaying a brand in the most captivating way, or conveying a message to best effect. It may be by means of a classic print advertisement, via innovative, digital formats, and through a mix of content marketing across channels. The starting point is our unique thread of targeted, consistently good advice. 

This is ensured by our hybrid approach which is a sure and certain way forward: that is to say, we integrate our own creative content marketing agency, Benjamin Creative, activating all the relevant skills within our media house.


At Benjamin Media people won’t be inactive or suppress their ideas. On the contrary, we are always on the look-out for new angles, methods and markets, because enthusiasm engenders inspiration. This is especially true within the subject areas that we are passionate about: homes, design, fashion, beauty, lifestyles and cars. Our own media reflect these passions, with Bo Bedre, Scandinavian Living, Nordic Living, Bolig Magasinet, Bolig Pluss, Costume, Bil Magasinet, Magasinet Liv, Tara, Woman and idenyt as prime examples. And we are more than happy to get creative on behalf of other brands, too.


Benjamin Media is a modern media company.

Benjamin Media is a part of Bonnier Publications A/S. 

Benjamin Creative is a department within Benjamin Media. Together, we are a modern media house whose ambition it is to ‘connect through stories’.

We produce a series of media names: Bo Bedre, Scandinavian Living, Nordic Living, Bolig Magasinet, Bolig Pluss, Costume, Costume Living, Bil Magasinet, Magasinet Liv, Tara, Woman and idenyt&VoresVilla. All the above are published by Bonnier Publications International.

We not only sell advertising slots but also take on media partnerships for our own brands and brands in the parent company Bonnier Publications A/S: Illustreret Videnskab, Historie, Gør Det Selv, iForm, Aktiv Træning.

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We create great media experiences for great audiences

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